Tabib Group Veroke June 21, 2023


Tabib Group

The Client

Tabib Group is a digital marketplace that offers a comprehensive range of health and wellness services to its customers. The platform is primarily aimed at simplifying the process of finding doctors and scheduling appointments online. With a dedicated 24/7 customer service, Tabib Group specializes in delivering exceptional services across multiple sections in healthcare and wellness, the most prominent being laser hair removal, skin treatments, dental care, home massage, and body sculpting.

The platform features an innovative mobile application that allows clients to effortlessly book appointments, manage their schedules, and engage in real-time chat with the appointment section. Moreover, Tabib Group’s platform also showcases a variety of clinics and presents clients with enticing offers and packages.

Tabib Group’s core business concept revolves around seamlessly connecting users with a comprehensive network of medical field experts and wellness providers through a unified digital platform. By consistently offering the lowest prices in the market, Tabib Group is looking to make healthcare accessible to a wider audience, promoting overall well-being and peace of mind.

Project Delivered

2017 (Still Handling Operations while Simultaneously Launching New Developments)

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How the Client Approached Us?

Tabib Group approached Veroke after experiencing significant challenges with their previous app vendor. The app was plagued by frequent crashes and lacked any ongoing development or improvements. Consequently, the app’s performance suffered, discouraging clients from engaging with it.

These issues, combined with other factors, led to stagnated growth for Tabib Group and a subsequent decline in revenue generated from the app. The company faced financial distress, prompting them to seek a new vendor that could help revitalize their growth trajectory. It was in this context that Tabib Group reached out to Veroke for a transformative solution.

Upon receiving the project, the Veroke team recognized the gravity of the situation and promptly embarked on a journey to address Tabib Group’s challenges. Understanding the urgent need for improvement, our experts swiftly initiated the transformation process to overcome the obstacles faced by Tabib Group’s app

Our Transformation Strategy

Upon taking on the project, our team of experts recognized the substantial demand for exclusive offers within the Saudi market. Additionally, there was a notable gap in the market for competitive pricing in health-related services.

To address these challenges, Veroke implemented a strategic update to Tabib Group’s platform, transforming it into an e-commerce platform that offered exclusive services and enticing offers. This shift in the business model proved to be a game-changer for Tabib Group, leading to a rapid increase in revenue.

In addition to the pivotal business model transformation, Veroke also made several other notable improvements to the app. One of the most impactful changes was the integration of chat support directly into the Tabib Group app. This addition significantly enhanced customer engagement and increased viewership on the platform.

By leveraging our expertise and insights, Tabib Group was able to address the specific market needs and deliver a solution that transformed its app into a thriving platform.

How Our Strategy Changed the Client Fortune?

Veroke’s team of experts played a pivotal role in changing the fortune of Tabib Group. One of the most important aspects of our strategy was to revitalize the user experience of the app. We meticulously redesigned the app interface, ensuring smooth functionality and intuitive navigation. By improving overall app performance, Tabib Group app experienced increased engagement, as users found the app reliable and enjoyable to use. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations further contributed to the growth of Tabib Group’s customer base.

Tabib Group’s transformation to an e-commerce marketplace proved to be a game-changer as it became a go-to platform for customers seeking exclusive services and enticing offers. By leveraging our expertise, we enabled Tabib Group to differentiate itself in the market and gain a competitive edge. This transformation attracted a wider audience, resulting in a rapid increase in revenue.

In addition to these improvements, the collaborations with a wide range of clinics and wellness providers allowed Tabib Group to expand its network and offer an extensive selection of high-quality services to its users, which in turn led it to establish itself as a trusted platform for healthcare and wellness needs. This strengthened the company’s position in the market and attracted more users seeking reputable services.

As a result of Veroke’s transformative strategy, Tabib Group experienced a remarkable turnaround. The increased customer engagement and positive user feedback solidified Tabib Group’s position in the market. From a struggling platform, Tabib Group transformed into a thriving digital marketplace, capturing a larger market share and elevating its overall business fortune.