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An all-in-one companion app for Muslims to live a balanced life. It integrates essential Islamic guidance with modern tools, providing users with a personalized experience.

Available on both the App Store and Play Store, Ruhiy imposes no geo-restrictions, making it accessible to users worldwide.

The Client

Our client was looking for a comprehensive wellness platform for Muslims that would be free of charge, without any subscription fees or premium add-ons. The goal was to create a widely accessible app that could be downloaded from both major app stores and used without geographic limitations. The client wanted a solution that combined religious guidance and modern lifestyle tools, creating a valuable resource for Muslims worldwide.

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The Solution

Veroke developed Ruhiy, an innovative platform that allows users to integrate essential Islamic guidance into their daily lives seamlessly.

With features such as precise prayer and fasting trackers, the Holy Quran with translations, and a Zakat calculator, the app offers a wide array of tools to enhance the user’s spiritual journey.

Beyond these fundamental features, Ruhiy includes everything needed to stay connected with faith during Ramadan, such as Athan notifications, Suhoor and Iftar reminders, and more.

The app also offers access to an extensive library of 400+ guides on faith, wellness, money, career, and more. With over 200 activities and a customizable calendar, users can keep track of daily tasks, religious practices, and key milestones.

It also helps users locate nearby mosques and stay connected with the Muslim community, making it easier than ever to uphold their faith.

Our Transformation Strategy

As a first step, the Veroke team analyzed the client’s needs and developed a roadmap for the development of Ruhiy.

Leveraging our expertise and market insights, we designed an app that would address the specific needs of the Muslim community, transforming the client’s vision into a digital reality.

We started by understanding the specific needs and challenges of the target audience. And focused on creating a user-friendly interface, allowing easy navigation and seamless interactions.

Designed a secure and tailored onboarding process, accommodating both registered and guest users, with access tailored to their status.

We developed a web interface for the super admin to manage content, users, and events efficiently, including the ability to add, edit, and delete content and view user activities.

To ensure full feature access for registered users, we offered guest users essential features like prayer timings and Qibla directions.

This roadmap shaped Veroke’s creative process as it turned the client’s vision into Ruhiy, a guide to spiritual and physical well-being for Muslims.

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