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Urban Point

Urban Point app was plagued by suboptimal performance due to an outdated tech stack. This technological obsolescence not only hindered the app’s functionality but also posed a significant challenge to Urban Point’s business operations
The Client
Urban Point, one of Veroke’s noteworthy projects, is an incentives provider. It serves as a comprehensive lifestyle guide, empowering customers to save on a wide array of everyday experiences. As a dynamic and expanding mobile marketplace, Urban Point brings forth an impressive array of deals and discounts, spanning across numerous retail outlets in Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. Urban Point’s online platform connects fashionable consumers with high-quality businesses, facilitating mutually beneficial interactions. For merchants, it offers a remarkable opportunity to showcase their offerings to a diverse and engaged audience. Through this platform, merchants gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to adapt and tailor their products and services to meet the unique needs and expectations of their target audience. Urban Point’s vision revolves around fostering connections between customers and businesses, enabling seamless experiences and ensuring that both parties derive maximum value. By providing exceptional incentives and a user-friendly platform, Urban Point contributes to enhancing the lifestyle experiences of its customers while promoting business growth and success for its partner merchants.
Project Delivered
Delivered in 2017 (still handling their Operations)

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How the Client Approached Us?

Having its origins as an MBA project at Mannheim Business School in Germany, Urban Point’s objective was to develop a subscription-based service that could be seamlessly integrated into Oreddo’s (a telecommunications company) plans, providing customers with added value and savings on their daily activities. After a thorough analysis, Qatar emerged as the ideal location for Urban Point’s launch.
Despite initially being developed by another vendor, how Urban Point approached Veroke is an interesting tale.

The app was plagued by suboptimal performance due to an outdated tech stack. This technological obsolescence not only hindered the app’s functionality but also posed a significant challenge to Urban Point’s business operations. Moreover, frequent and severe app crashes had a detrimental impact on the overall customer experience, causing further dissatisfaction.

Urban Point’s encounters with these and comparable challenges led them to switch their vendor and seek out the services of Veroke. Recognizing the seriousness of the app’s mismanagement and its incredible potential for growth, our team of experts meticulously analyzed the app’s performance bottlenecks, exploring ways to enhance functionality, reliability, and user experience.

Our Transformation Strategy

Our approach to the development process involved the adoption of an agile methodology, which enabled us to maintain flexibility and adaptability throughout the project. This approach ensured that changes could be implemented seamlessly without disrupting the overall development trajectory.

Recognizing the negative impact of the obsolete tech stack on Urban Point’s business success, our team conducted in-depth discussions and concluded that the presence of a PHP framework on the backend was a significant barrier to achieving optimum app performance. Consequently, we made the strategic decision to transition the backend from PHP to the Node.js framework. This change, combined with other enhancements in the tech stack, effectively put Urban Point back on track for growth.

As Urban Point continued to gain popularity, we facilitated the integration of their app with Qatar’s largest telecom provider, Oredo. This collaboration resulted in a massive influx of new users, leading to an exponential increase in Urban Point’s stature within the Middle East region. Furthermore, beyond the development stage, our reliable partnership extended to providing operational support. Urban Point recognized our ability to not only deliver a successful development project but also to ensure smooth ongoing operations. Consequently, we continue to provide comprehensive operational support to our client, ensuring the app’s stability and responsiveness.

How Our Strategy Changed the Client Fortune?

Veroke’s approach has successfully addressed the challenges faced by Urban Point, resulting in remarkable outcomes. Through our innovative solutions, Urban Point has experienced significant growth in its product offerings and has established a stronger market position in the middle east region. Urban Point, grappling with underperformance just a few years ago, has been recently named as the MENA region’s fastest-growing tech startup. 

By leveraging Veroke’s capabilities, Urban Point has been able to provide its clients with an expanded range of services and features, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyaltyVeroke’s dedication to technological excellence and our ability to strategically align technical solutions with business objectives proved instrumental in overcoming the challenges faced by Urban Point. This successful collaboration stands as atestament to our commitment to empowering businesses through innovative and robust IT solutions.

Navigating challenges amidst COVID
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Urban Point encountered a significant challenge that had a profound impact on its operations. As businesses worldwide shuttered in response to the pandemic, the lack of a delivery section in Urban Point’s app proved to be a major obstacle. This limitation severely hampered the client’s revenue generation as it served as a digital marketplace for renowned Qatari brands. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Urban Point approached our team at Veroke to swiftly address this critical need. Leveraging the expertise of our skilled software engineers and architects, we embarked on a rapid development process. Within a remarkably short timeframe of just a few days, we successfully designed and implemented a robust delivery section on the app. The dedication from our team led to expedited development of the delivery section, enabling Urban Point to adapt swiftly to the new market demands imposed by the pandemic and restoring its growth trajctory.