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Buildhub is a business ecosystem platform that augments and transforms traditional contracting into a digitalized approach.

Using technology to streamline the trading of building materials, offering a seamless and efficient online marketplace for industry suppliers and buyers.
The Client

Our client, based in Qatar, recognized the inefficiencies and fragmentation within the building material industry. The building material sector lags behind in terms of seamless online buying and selling, unlike most consumer goods.

The client identified this gap as an opportunity to create a specialized platform that would provide a consolidated and user-friendly solution for the building material industry.

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The Problem

According to the market analysis, there was no specialized platform that addressed the diverse needs of buyers and sellers of building materials. This approach was inefficient and time-consuming for suppliers and buyers.

The Solution

Veroke developed BuildHub, an innovative online marketplace that revolutionizes building material trading. By seamlessly integrating advanced technology, Veroke’s solution automates manual tasks, providing a streamlined environment for suppliers to buy and sell building materials efficiently.

Key features of BuildHub include:

User Registration and Onboarding:
The user journey begins with a simple signup process. Users select their business type from a dropdown list, ranging from general contractors to material suppliers. Users submit the necessary information and documents, and the admin approves subscriptions based on user categories (FOC & NON FOC). This process ensures secure and tailored onboarding for each individual.

Product Checkout: 
The platform facilitates a user-friendly product checkout process. Buyers can add items to their cart, review order details, and securely make payments within the portal. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth and secure transaction experience, enhancing user satisfaction and trust.

Order Management: 
BuildHub’s comprehensive order management covers the entire process from initiation to delivery. Users can initiate orders, submit them, and track the order’s journey seamlessly. The portal facilitates efficient order processing and status management, ensuring timely and transparent deliveries.

Purchase Order Request: 
The goal of BuildHub is to enhance communication between buyers and sellers. Users can initiate inquiries, negotiate within the platform, and smoothly transition from proposal to purchase. The system simplifies the entire purchase order request process, creating an environment that encourages collaboration and efficient transactions.

Our Transformation Strategy

Upon taking on the project, the Veroke team conducted a thorough market analysis to understand the needs and challenges faced by suppliers and buyers in Qatar’s building material sector.

We designed a user-friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation and transactions for all users. The strategy involved implementing advanced technology to automate manual tasks, enhance operational efficiency, and provide robust tracking for orders and payments.

This innovative platform has significantly enhanced operational efficiency for suppliers and provided a transparent and streamlined experience for buyers, effectively bridging the market gap in Qatar.

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