DoorLab Veroke February 12, 2024



DoorLab, a distinguished medical laboratory company, stands as a cornerstone in providing high-quality medical services to the whole community of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Client

Dedicated to serving both private and public healthcare sectors, DoorLab Medical Lab envisioned a seamless and secure platform that could effortlessly accommodate a growing user base. The company approached Veroke to get a well-tailored user interface and secure product that can serve without hiccups as the product grows to a large number of users. Their aim was to provide medical laboratory services to all private and public healthcare sectors.

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How the Client Approached Us?

The Medical Lab’s journey with Veroke began as a response to the pressing challenges encountered with their previous application. Recognizing the need for substantial improvements to meet customer expectations, they sought Veroke’s expertise. Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, Veroke’s team promptly initiated a comprehensive transformation process to address the challenges faced by LabWheel’s app, setting the stage for a collaborative effort toward success.

Our Transformation Strategy

Upon taking on the project, Veroke’s team meticulously analyzed the existing application platform and identified key performance requirements. Understanding the demand for exclusive offers in the Saudi market and recognizing a gap in competitive pricing for health-related services, Veroke executed a strategic update to DoorLab’s platform.

This transformation involved repositioning the Medical Lab into an e-commerce platform, with selecting the test, order tracking, exclusive discounts and packages for the tests based on prescriptions. The strategic shift proved to be a game-changer, rapidly boosting revenue and positioning DoorLab as a key player in the health technology landscape.

Beyond the business model transformation, Veroke implemented crucial enhancements to the app. Leveraging expertise and market insights, Veroke enabled them to address specific market needs becoming a home lab, transforming the app into a thriving platform.

How Our Strategy Changed Delta Medical Lab's Fortune?

Veroke played a key role in rejuvenating the user experience of LabWheel’s app. Through meticulous redesign, the app’s interface was transformed to ensure smooth functionality and intuitive navigation. This resulted in enhanced user engagement as the app became more reliable and enjoyable to use, contributing to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and an expanded customer base.

This shift makes DoorLab a go-to platform for customers seeking exclusive medical laboratory services. Veroke’s expertise allowed the company to differentiate itself in the market, attracting a wider audience and leading to a substantial increase in revenue. Collaborations with various medical labs expanded LabWheel’s network, solidifying its position as a trusted platform for medical lab needs.

From a struggling platform, the Medical Lab evolved into a thriving digital marketplace, capturing a larger market share and elevating its overall business fortune. Veroke’s contributions extended beyond the customer-facing app, including the creation of an admin portal for operational control and a rider app for seamless service delivery. The entire system was automated, from order placement to sample collection, lab analysis, and result delivery. Features like prescription image capture and user can also maintain or select the tests for their family, providing a comprehensive solution that exceeded Delta’s initial goals.