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Thoob is an e-commerce platform where you can order, stitch, and get delivered thoob, a traditional Arabian dress.

The platform features a comprehensive web dashboard for the client’s admin team, complete with tracking functionality via email, SMS, and in-app push notifications.

The Project

The project covers all stages of making custom thoob, starting from fabric selection, through expert tailoring, to final delivery. It includes two interconnected platforms: a CMS for coordinators, super admins, measurement experts, and tailors, and a mobile app for end users.

Customers use the mobile app to place orders, choose fabrics, and customize details like cuffs and styles. The app supports payment by credit card or cash on delivery.

The users can track their order status throughout the order process, moving through stages such as Order Placed, Measurement Expert Visit, Tailoring Department, Packed & Shipped, and Delivered. The mobile app is available in Arabic, while the backend portal supports both Arabic and English.

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Our Approach

To kick off the project, our team engaged in a series of meetings with the client to gain a deep understanding of their requirements. We began by analyzing similar apps to determine which interfaces provided the best user experience.

Recognizing the need for seamless payment integration, we conducted thorough research on mobile payment methods, ensuring compliance with Apple and Google marketplace policies.

We selected technologies that could support both e-commerce functionality and mobile application development, incorporating push notifications, SMS Gateway, and Email Gateway.

Defining the overall project architecture was crucial; we established a secure communication protocol between the mobile app and the web portal to protect transaction data.

This strategic approach ensured that every aspect of the project was carefully planned, from user experience design to technological implementation.

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Our Process

Given the complexity of the project, involving multiple user types with varying privileges, the Veroke team structured the process into simple and manageable steps:

1. Requirement Simplification: A detailed architecture specification and scope document lays a solid foundation for the project.

2. Wireframe Development: The user experience was defined through wireframes for both the mobile app and web CMS.

3. Design Implementation: We designed the mobile app and web portal based on the wireframes and user experience guidelines.

4. Development Phase: With finalized designs and a clear architecture, the development phase proceeded efficiently.

5. Testing Phase: Rigorous testing of both platforms ensured a bug-free and market-ready product.

With this process, we were able to launch Thoob on Android, iOS, and the web portal with a seamless and efficient user experience.

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