InstaMedic Veroke January 22, 2024



InstaMedic, a leading drug delivery company in Qatar, dedicated to ensure seamless and timely delivery of healthcare products and medications to patients.

The Client

InstaMedic, a leading drug delivery company in Qatar, dedicated to ensure seamless and timely delivery of healthcare products and medications to patients. They strive to provide efficient and reliable services that meet the unique needs of the customers. The goal of InstaMedic is to simplify the delivery process to ensure that patients get the medication and healthcare supplies they need in a timely manner.

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The Objective

InstaMedic approached Veroke with a clear vision — to create a mobile application that streamlines the delivery of medical supplements, cosmetics, and medicines. The goal was to establish a platform accessible on both Android and iOS devices, where users could register and easily navigate a diverse range of products. This marked a significant step forward in providing efficient and reliable drug delivery services tailored to the specific requirements of InstaMedic’s clientele.

Our Approach

In response to InstaMedic’s requirements, Veroke followed agile approach during development. This meant staying flexible to seamlessly adapt to changes and maintaining a smooth project trajectory. The transformation strategy involved meticulous planning, turning InstaMedic’s platform into a dynamic solution featuring exclusive services according to the use cases. The agile approach became the cornerstone of overcoming challenges and steering the development process with precision.

Veroke not only accepted this challenge but exceeded expectations by completing the system in just two months and deploying it promptly. Our rapid development capabilities were a key factor in securing the project, and we not only met but exceeded the project’s tight timeline, demonstrating our commitment to delivering results quickly and effectively.

How Veroke Made it Happen?

The Veroke team was instrumental in driving a paradigm shift in healthcare. When it came to medication delivery, we took on the prescription challenge head-on. With the app – users can simply snap a picture of their prescription to order required products seamlessly. On the other hand, InstaMedic’s Pharmacy portal streamlines the ordering process in collaboration with partnered pharmacies. When InstaMedic’s customers place orders through their preferred/nearest pharmacy, the details flow seamlessly into the application, ensuring a smooth and efficient processing of orders.

Continuing this journey, we delved into the order lifecycle. Integrating a doctor application and portal added another layer to services offered, providing a platform for online consultations. Users can easily choose a doctor, confirm their consultation through our application, and complete the process with integrated online payment. During consultations, doctors log into their portals, engaging in secure chats or video streaming with patients, enhancing the entire healthcare experience.

Also, we have added the feature of Lab Specimen Delivery, addressing the requirements for diagnostic tests. If a doctor prescribes a test, users can effortlessly select and confirm it through the app, completing the transaction with payment. InstaMedic’s partnered labs take charge of collecting the test sample, and users receive their reports directly on the app. Through thoughtful innovation and seamless integration, Veroke stands as the architect of a healthcare experience that is accessible, convenient, and efficient.