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Digital bank

A leading banking company in Saudi Arabia aiming to deliver an unrivaled standard of excellence. Focusing on developing and innovating advanced payment solutions for customers.

The Client

A leading digital banking company in Saudi Arabia aiming to deliver an unrivaled standard of excellence. Focusing on developing and innovating advanced payment solutions for customers. The company provides a wide range of cards and payment services. Being a globally integrated company, offering an extensive suite of products, insights, and great experiences that help businesses succeed.

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The Objective

The goal of this banking company was to clone a solution for Saudi Arabia which is already developed in America. They want to offer similar services to their customers in this region. In addition to that, they were looking to offer plans for both individual customers and businesses.

Providing card facility from Personal to business, and corporate cards as well. With the growing importance and acceptance of transactions over the last few years on mobile phones, the company also wants a mobile app along with a web application. They were also looking for a solution to overcome the language barrier within the Kingdom, and wanted a solution that would cater to their needs.

Why Veroke

Veroke stood out as the ideal partner for the banking company for various reasons. As it understands the Saudi market very well with having a working experience of over a decade. Working with various clients in the region made Veroke a great choice for a long term collaboration. They were looking for a smart and quick solution with handling the updates or features required with time.

Veroke not only accepted this challenge but exceeded expectations by completing the project on time and deploying it promptly. The project was based on phases as there are continuous updates required when it comes to the banking sector. With our rapid development capabilities, we secured the project and delivered results quickly and efficiently, demonstrating our commitment to delivering results.

Our Approach

To fulfill the requirements of the client, our vetted team started by conducting a thorough research of the practices followed around the world in similar solutions. The goal was to comprehend the most effective system for the client’s specific needs and to figure out how efficiently we can get this system implemented within the time frame available.

Equipped with essential domain knowledge in the FinTech world, our team embarked on the project following the agile approach. Thanks to this rigorous research and preparation, the project progressed seamlessly, benefiting from the insights gained from global best practices.

This approach ensured that our team could navigate the project swiftly and without encountering significant challenges, allowing us to complete the project maintaining the quality. The development process was carefully mapped and planned to avoid any potential setbacks that could have hampered the project’s timely completion. This allows us to help our client in the long term approach as the project was in several phases.

The Result

We have developed a complete solution for the company with a mobile application and web application. The development of this project’s phase 1 has led to a great solution for the customers to instantly view transactions. Offering customers to access the app across the region and providing them a plethora of services from tracking their spendings to setting up membership reward goals.

The project offers customers a bulk of features to cater pretty much all of their banking needs. Allowing an amazing feature to manage supplementary cards with ease of setting it up and getting access to updates. Additionally, knowing the importance of language, our team has integrated both English and Arabic for the user’s ease.

The app we developed supports both languages efficiently, and we have also created a dedicated Arabic version for it. And considering the importance of design, our vetted team of designers helped in making a great and a reliable UI/IX for the app. Our team also assists the company with project management services, as continuous updates are required over time.