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Transform the Way You Trade Building Materials!

The Problem

In a world where most consumer goods are found online, the building material industry remains inefficient and fragmented. Recognizing this gap, Veroke set out to revolutionize the way building materials are bought and sold. The result? BuildHub – an innovative online platform designed to seamlessly connect buyers and sellers in the building material industry.

Our Solution

BuildHub is a groundbreaking online platform that goes beyond the conventional. Seamlessly integrating advanced technology, our solution transforms the building material trading process. Manual tasks are automated, creating a streamlined environment for suppliers, thus enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, robust tracking ensures transparency, providing a revolutionary solution for the industry.

Who is it for?

Our solution caters to a diverse range of professionals within the building material industry:

  1. General Contractors
  2. Real Estate Developers
  3. Specialty Contractors
  4. Material Suppliers
  5. Manufacturers
  6. Equipment Suppliers
  7. Renovators

BuildHub Introduction

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BuildHub - Your Gateway to Streamlined Selling and Purchase of Building material.

    Key Features

    1. User Registration and Onboarding

    The user journey begins with a simple signup process. Users select their business type from a dropdown list, ranging from general contractors to material suppliers. Required information and documents are submitted, and the admin approves subscriptions based on user categories (FOC & NON FOC). As a result of this meticulous process, onboarding is secure and tailored to the individual.

    2. Product Management

    Managing products on our platform is a seamless experience. Users, after logging in, navigate to the “Product Management” page, where a form awaits details like product name, description, price, manuals, and images. The product management system also allows bulk uploads of XML, Excel, and CSV files, while templates ensure consistency and simplicity by providing templates for easy mapping.

    3. Product Checkout

    The solution facilitates a user-friendly product checkout process. Buyers can add items to their cart, review order details, and securely make payments within the portal. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth and secure transaction experience, enhancing user satisfaction and trust.

    4. Order Management

    Order management on BuildHub is comprehensive, covering the entire process from initiation to delivery. Whether it’s a single product or multiple items, users can initiate orders, submit them, and seamlessly track the order’s journey. The portal facilitates efficient order processing and status management, ensuring timely and transparent deliveries.

    5. Purchase Order Request

    BuildHub fosters communication between buyers and sellers. Users can initiate inquiries, negotiate within the platform, and smoothly transition from proposal to purchase. The system simplifies the entire purchase order request process, creating an environment that encourages collaboration and efficient transactions.

    If you stick with the old system, what do you get?

    • Your business might drown in a sea of paperwork and laborious tasks without efficient automation.
    • In this scenario where your orders are tangled in a web of inefficiencies, causing delays, errors, and frustration for both you and your clients.
    • This might leave you grappling with order management complexities, jeopardizing your reputation and the seamless experience your customers deserve.

    What do you get with our solution

    • Veroke acts as your ally when it comes to user onboarding, endless paperwork, and frustrating delays.
    • You won’t have to deal with data discrepancies anymore – manage expansive product offerings with consistency, accuracy, and ease.
    • And security and transparency are non-negotiables. Our solution is designed as your fortress of secure transactions.
    If you’re interested, let’s discuss your requirements on a free consultation call.
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