Star Day Nurseries (SDN) Veroke August 28, 2023


Star Days Nurseries (SDN)

How Veroke Transformed Star Days Nurseries’ Approach to Childcare Management? 
The Client

Star Days Nurseries (SDN) has emerged as a prominent edtech platform, offering a dynamic hub that encompasses vital operational workflows. From child onboarding and attendance tracking to staff enrollment, HR management, and occupancy supervision, SDN revolutionizes early childhood education management. Its streamlined child onboarding process simplifies enrollment for parents while facilitating efficient communication between educators and families.


July 2023 (Currently, we’re gathering client feedback on experience and delivery, consistently integratingit into the solution.)

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At a glance

For years, Star Days Nurseries (SDN) had relied on the established childcare software “KinderSoft” for its operations. However, recognizing the need for innovation, SDN sought a transformative upgrade. That’s where Veroke stepped in. Its innovative approach revolutionized SDN’s operations, breathing new life into every aspect of its functioning. This partnership marked a pivotal moment as SDN embraced a cutting-edge system, elevating its efficiency and effectiveness to unprecedented heights.


In response to SDN’s need for efficiency and agility, Veroke conceptualized and implemented a cloud-based web application, effectively automating and streamlining multifaceted processes that were previously executed manually. A prime example of this transformation was the automation of staff and children’s attendance, a pivotal step towards improved operational efficiency. Additionally, Veroke revamped SDN’s intricate invoice system, turning it into a resilient, automated mechanism. As a result, SDN’s operations were centralized and elevated, marking the onset of a new era defined by seamless management, precision, and scalability.