DevOps as a Catalyst for Growth – A Strategic Approach to Business Continuity and Sustainability Veroke December 14, 2023

DevOps as a Catalyst for Growth – A Strategic Approach to Business Continuity and Sustainability

The global pandemic presented a unique set of challenges for one of our business partner, necessitating a strategic response. With dine-in services no longer viable, we confronted the immediate need to diversify revenue streams. Simultaneously, resource constraints posed obstacles, demanding an innovative approach to sustaining income. Recognizing the shifting consumer landscape, we identified the imperative to integrate a comprehensive delivery module into our operations. In navigating these challenges, we set a clear objective: to find a solution that not only required minimal effort estimation but also adhered to stringent cost-effectiveness criteria.
Finalized Solution:
Our solution involved a multi-faceted approach aimed at addressing the diverse challenges we faced. The transformation of dine-in functionality into an automated feature within our mobile application was a pivotal step, with meticulous attention given to defining its operation at the application layer. Embracing a cost-effective paradigm, we opted for the integration of sockets to facilitate real-time communication. In anticipation of potential disruptions, Firebase was seamlessly integrated as a reliable fallback solution in the event of socket connection loss. The incorporation of Redis, serving as a repository for socket states, ensured the resilience and smooth functioning of our communication infrastructure. For robust and efficient data storage, we leveraged a relational database management system (RDBMS). Complementing these developments, we introduced a dedicated web application tailored for order management at outlets, an admin-focused web application for centralized oversight, and a specialized driver application to streamline the order delivery process.
Results Achieved:
Our meticulous approach to addressing challenges yielded significant and tangible results. The implementation of stable sockets, backed by the resilience of Redis, facilitated seamless order placement and tracking. Rigorous tuning and stress testing of the system contributed to its scalability, enabling us to efficiently handle concurrent orders based on available computational resources. Notably, the system demonstrated a remarkable capacity to process thousands of orders daily, with a peak of over 1500 orders processed in a single day, reflecting its robustness and reliability.
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