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The aim was to leverage Veroke’s technical expertise and industry insights to create a seamless and efficient digital platform

About B2B Price

B2B Price is a leading wholesale supplier specializing in serving Business Customers (BC). With a commitment to meeting the unique needs of BCs, B2B Price has emerged as a pivotal player in the wholesale industry. Prior to partnering with Veroke, B2B Price faced the challenge of managing a diverse range of communication channels, including phone calls, WhatsApp, Zoho, Qoyod, and more, to engage effectively with their valued clientele.

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Why B2B Approached Us?

B2B Price recognized the pressing need for a digital transformation that could revolutionize their operations and customer engagement strategies. Therefore, it approached Veroke to create a highly tailored digital solution that would empower both B2B Price and their discerning clientele to effortlessly manage the entire order management process. This encompassed streamlining the ordering process, optimizing inventory management, and facilitating real-time communication between B2B Price and their BCs. Recognizing Veroke’s reputation as an innovative IT services company with a track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions, B2B Price approached us to lead this critical initiative. The aim was to leverage Veroke’s technical expertise and industry insights to create a seamless and efficient digital platform that would elevate their operations and enhance the overall experience for their valued BCs.

Our Development Cycle

Upon receiving the green light from our client, our team of seasoned developers embarked on this project. The process commenced with a meticulous analysis of the project’s intricate requirements, enabling us to define a clear roadmap.

Following this crucial initial step, we transitioned into the design and development phase, where our technical experts took the reins. This phase encompassed a deep dive into core development activities, with our skilled team harnessing their expertise to craft a customized digital solution that precisely met B2B Price’s needs.

Before proceeding to the deployment stage, we undertook a rigorous internal quality assurance check. This comprehensive quality assurance process was designed to ensure the integrity of the code and the seamless functionality of the solution. These stringent standards guaranteed that the final product not only met but exceeded expectations.


The meticulous development processes implemented by Veroke yielded impressive outcomes for the B2B Price Platform. Notably, the platform now empowers business customers with the ability to seamlessly plan and place requests for quotes (RFQs) or reorder essential supplies, all conveniently managed from a unified platform.

In addition to enhancing the customer experience, the platform’s comprehensive features extend to B2B Price management. Now, they can efficiently generate quotations, oversee product management, streamline delivery logistics, and gain valuable insights into their financial operations. This transformation has not only streamlined operations but has also bolstered B2B Price’s capabilities, enabling them to provide an even higher level of service and responsiveness to their clientele.