Afforestation Veroke October 18, 2023



Afforestation is a nursery management platform operated by Pakistan Tobacco Company as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The Client

Afforestation is a nursery management platform operated by Pakistan Tobacco Company as part of its corporate social responsibility. It oversees multiple nurseries across the country, serving as not only a vital center for plant enthusiasts but also vibrant hubs for visitor engagement. These nurseries provide services such as plant sales and expert guidance from dedicated gardeners. With a diverse array of plant species, PTC plays a pivotal role in driving forward Pakistan’s afforestation and environmental conservation initiatives.



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The Objective

PTC recognized the demand for a nursery management system that would not only track gardener attendance and plant species across their nurseries in Pakistan but also address other crucial aspects of their operations. To meet these multifaceted requirements, PTC sought a comprehensive nursery management solution designed to streamline the regulation and management of resources and services provided by its nurseries.

Why Veroke

Veroke stood out as the ideal partner for PTC for several reasons. Time was of the essence, and PTC needed a swift solution. Upon opening the tender, they aimed to have the new system up and running within three months to efficiently manage their plantations for the upcoming season.

Veroke not only accepted this challenge but exceeded expectations by completing the system in just two months and deploying it promptly. Our rapid development capabilities were a key factor in securing the project, and we not only met but exceeded the project’s tight timeline, demonstrating our commitment to delivering results quickly and effectively.

Our Approach

To meet the ambitious project timeline, our team began by conducting an extensive study of global best practices in similar endeavors, comprehending the most effective system for our client’s specific needs, and strategizing how to efficiently bring this system to fruition within a short timeframe. Equipped with essential domain knowledge, our team embarked on the project. Thanks to this rigorous research and preparation, the project progressed seamlessly, benefiting from the insights gained from global best practices.

This approach ensured that our team could navigate the project swiftly and without encountering significant challenges, allowing us to complete the project within a mere two months. To prevent any potential setbacks that could have jeopardized the timely completion of the project, we carefully mapped and planned our development process, ensuring a smooth and obstacle-free journey.

The Result

The development of this system has led to the complete automation of numerous manual processes within the company. Today, PTC enjoys swift and comprehensive visibility into all the nurseries under its management. The portal offers real-time monitoring capabilities, resulting in significant savings both in terms of finances and time. Veroke’s holistic approach has also successfully contributed to cost-cutting measures for our client, further enhancing the overall efficiency of their operations.