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Transform your healthcare services with InstaMedic.

The Problem

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional healthcare delivery methods often fall short of meeting the evolving needs of patients and providers alike. Long queues at pharmacies, limited access to healthcare professionals, and delays in diagnostic testing contribute to frustration and inefficiency. There is a pressing need for a solution that streamlines healthcare delivery, making it more accessible, efficient, and convenient for all stakeholders.

Our Solution

Enter InstaMedic – a comprehensive healthcare delivery solution designed to address these challenges head-on. Our white-labeled solution offers a suite of features tailored to optimize medication delivery, facilitate seamless doctor consultations, and streamline test and lab specimen management.  By leveraging InstaMedic’s platform, healthcare providers can offer their clients a modern, user-friendly experience that enhances access to care and improves overall satisfaction.

Who is it for?

InstaMedic is an ideal solution for pharmacies, healthcare clinics, and diagnostic centers looking to enhance their service offerings and elevate the patient experience.

Whether you’re a small independent pharmacy or a large multi-specialty clinic, InstaMedic can be customized to fit your unique needs and preferences. Our solution is designed to empower healthcare providers of all sizes to deliver exceptional care and service to their clients.

Simplify Your Healthcare Services with InstaMedic

    Key Features

    Medication delivery made effortless

    InstaMedic simplifies medication delivery by allowing users to order prescriptions and healthcare supplies through their smartphones. Through the application, users can securely upload their prescriptions, ensuring accurate fulfillment of orders. Real-time order tracking and notifications keep users informed at every stage of the delivery process, while integration with local pharmacies guarantees timely delivery of medications to their doorstep.


    Seamless doctor consultations

    With InstaMedic’s platform, users can easily schedule appointments with healthcare professionals. Through secure chat or video consultations, users can engage with doctors in real-time, discussing their concerns and receiving expert advice from the comfort of their homes. Integrated online payment capabilities streamline transactions within the application, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, users can securely access their consultation history and medical records within the app, promoting continuity of care and informed decision-making.


    Efficient test and lab specimen management

    InstaMedic streamlines the process of ordering diagnostic tests, providing users with access to a comprehensive range of tests from accredited laboratories. Users can easily select the desired test, schedule appointments for sample collection, and track the status of their tests within the application. Test results are securely delivered to users through the app, ensuring confidentiality and timely access to vital health information. Integration with partner laboratories guarantees the accuracy and reliability of test results.


    Consequences of Not Using InstaMedic

    Without InstaMedic, healthcare providers risk falling behind the curve, facing challenges such as decreased efficiency, diminished patient satisfaction, and missed revenue opportunities. Patients may experience frustration and inconvenience, leading to dissatisfaction with their healthcare experience and potential disengagement from the provider.

    What can you achieve with InstaMedic?

    By implementing InstaMedic, healthcare providers can unlock a myriad of benefits, including increased operational efficiency, enhanced patient satisfaction, and improved revenue potential. With InstaMedic’s intuitive interface and robust features, providers can differentiate themselves in the market, attract new clients, and retain existing ones, ultimately driving business growth and success.


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