DevOps as a Service

DevOps as a service is a methodology that facilitates developing and delivering high-quality software faster by uniting Development and Operations teams. At Veroke, one of the top DevOps consulting companies, our DevOps consultants help you benefit from this methodology through end-to-end services, from its implementation to sustaining desired results.

Complete Cloud Infrastructure Setup

Veroke, one of the top DevOps consulting companies, provides, as part of DevOps as a service, comprehensive and robust cloud infrastructure setup services to assist businesses in leveraging the power of cloud computing. Our highly skilled DevOps professionals use state-of-the-art technologies and approaches throughout the DevOps, such as Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Containerization, and Serverless Computing, to provide robust solutions for your cloud infrastructure
needs. We deploy secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud architectures with complete monitoring, logging, and alerting capabilities, allowing you to deploy applications and services securely and quickly. Our end-to-end cloud infrastructure setup service ensures that your business is fully prepared for rapid application scaling in the future. We guarantee a smooth transition from traditional platforms to modern cloud environments, enabling your business to capitalize on the numerous advantages cloud computing

Our DevOps Lifecycle


We employ a CI/CD pipeline to facilitate the automated execution of tests, code reviews, and deployment activities.

We leverage IaC (Infrastructure as Code) systems and container orchestration tools to manage your cloud infrastructure effectively.

Our DevOps teams constantly monitor the stability of applications and systems using metrics-driven approaches and log analysis techniques.

We use A/B testing and feature flagging techniques to deploy changes safely without affecting users.

By following best practices such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automating the deployment process, we ensure a reliable and scalable DevOps lifecycle.

We use DevSecOps practices to maintain security and compliance throughout the DevOps cycle.

Our teams use an alarming automated system to detect potential issues early and address them quickly.

By embracing DevOps principles and methodologies, we can provide our customers with a superior product experience.


Simplified CI/CD Pipeline Management

We employ industry-standard techniques such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC),
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Feature Flagging, and
Containerization to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and security of the
application. We also provide operational support through our monitoring services,
allowing us to detect any issues as they arise quickly. As a result, our clients can
significantly improve their product release cycles while ensuring superior quality
applications in the market.

Advanced Technical Monitoring for Proactive Infrastructure Management

Through a combination of advanced technical monitoring techniques and technologies,
such as metrics-based analytics, application performance management (APM), and
system-level diagnostics, our team can identify issues before they become critical. This
proactive approach enables us to provide real-time insights into the performance and
health of an IT infrastructure, allowing for a swift resolution to any problems and a
proactive approach towards further improvements. Ultimately this will enable us to
provide superior reliability and resiliency for all IT systems.

Performance & Cost Optimization

Utilizing various techniques such as automation, optimization algorithms, and machine
learning, we can help identify areas of improvement to enhance the performance and
cost efficiency of cloud-based applications. Our services enable businesses to
maximize operational efficiency, streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction,
and ultimately be more profitable.

On-Demand Business Reporting

Operating a huge amount of data requires constant reporting. Our regularly generated
reports usually have a standard template and are created according to the schedule.
Our experienced professionals will work with you to deliver the insights and data when
you need them. Our on-demand report will be unique and contain relevant information.

Efficient Enhancements & Integrations

DevOps as a service is designed to provide efficient enhancements and integrations for
businesses. Our solution combines advanced techniques, tools, and technologies such
as automation, continuous integration/deployment, and DevOps metrics tracking to
optimize the development process. By leveraging best-in-class DevOps practices
across our cloud infrastructure, we provide a comprehensive feature set that allows
organizations to scale quickly and efficiently.

Key Principles that Guide Our DevOps Deployment Strategy

  • Our DevOps deployment strategy relies on a continuous integration/continuous
    delivery (CI/CD) workflow, allowing us to validate and deploy code automatically.
  • We leverage automation tools such as Ansible and Puppet for configuration
    management and orchestration.
  • We employ containerization techniques like Docker to enable quick and efficient
    deployments of new services.
  • We use Infrastructure as Code practices to maintain consistent, reliable, and
    reproducible environments with our cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services
    (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.
  • We utilize monitoring tools like Datadog and New Relic to detect infrastructure issues
    before they manifest into production incidents proactively.
  • Finally, we use best practices such as A/B testing and blue-green deployments to
    ensure a smooth code transition into production.

Ease your IT operations with Our DevOps as a Service

Our DevOps as a Service provides businesses with an efficient and cost-effective way
to optimize their cloud-based applications. From on-demand business reporting to key
principles that guide our deployment strategy, we can help you get the most out of your
investments. With our experienced professionals, advanced techniques, and
comprehensive set of features, let us help you take your business to the next level.